I tried to code my website mostly by my self, I of course looked up tutorials and based things off of them however I tried not to copy but to understand the reasoning behind them.

I had to start with one page to make the heading and footer, after I got this done, I just copied and pasted this on all of the other pages.

This happened to be rather challenging because I haven’t done and HTML coding before! There was a lot of trial and error that I had to go through but I believe that this helped me understand things more.

This is not quite ideal as I haven’t done any graphic designs or personal touches however it is responsive and that is very important to me. I had a wire frame that looks rather different from this Proust however that is ok as it is a stepping stone and I have all ready learned a lot!

I feel like modes are used a lot in this project. The most obvious one is visual and sptial because websites are meant for viewing. I had to make buttons that the audience could tell were clickable. This was interesting as I used a fade or colour effect as I did not like the pointer mouse. I also had to use linguistic even though it is very rough an I am not sure if it will all stay the way it is.

I intended this to be for an audience that would like to hire a person or for an audience that would appreciate what I do. This will most likely change to clientele in the future.


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