8. Web Experiance

I can really renember when I started to use the web, I do know that I played computer learning video games at least in the third grade on the family desktop computer. Now everybody in my family has a laptop which is very fascinating.

I use the web all the time. Part of it is because Im a college student and part of it is the web is a great source of entertainment. Recently I have thought about how the internet works far more then I used to. This is due to the fact that I want to be able to make my own profile website!

This however is proving to be a lot of work.


This is the experience of my coding! I have been attempting to follow a lynda.com course material. I believe it is HTML. The software that I am using is a free one called brackets that allows you to see your work in a live preview which is pretty cool.

I have no Idea what relying on templates means haha! I use websites that use pre-made templates such as wordpress and wix. these however are just click and drag, what you see is what you get sites.

I find the internet to be fascinating.





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