7. Justification Paper

In making this two-minute video, there was many things that I really wanted to do but had to change as there was not enough time to either make it or show it.

One such thing is the original idea to have clips of filming myself talking. I could not have these in my film as I was already extremely limited on time. In order to fix this, I had to just cut it out completely. I feel like if I kept it in, I could have added another layer of creditability or ethos.

Another thing I had to really cut back on was the amount of words that I wanted to say. I had a hard time doing this as I wanted to explain everything but then I realized that my audience would be my classmates and my professor. This allowed some of my terms to not be defined in the long run.

My photo starts off with a black screen and harry potter like font. I wanted to use this in order to bring about nostalgia in people who have read the harry potter books. I also wanted to do this using Headwig’s theme for those that have only seen the movie but I went for a creative commons song that just felt magical. This song has a few seconds of louder volume at the beginning and end in order to “frame” the film. It lets the audience know beginning and end, I feel it is a convention for a blog like video.

Framing was also used in each of the frames. I decided not to stretch out the images for full screen as that would look rather odd and I wanted the artist’s work to be true to their proportions. To do this I just put the images on a black background, it doesn’t distract the viewers eye from the art work, in fact it guides their eye to the center. Framing is a great way to add empathizes and contrast to the film and its contents.

The purpose that I had for this film was to show the different conventions of a genera that I love, Harry Potter fan art film posters. I know it is a very specific genera however this made it easier to write about.

In making this video I also had to think about what my sequence would be, I decided to go with the generic throughout the years, chronological approach. This was because if people are already familiar, they will be able to recognize where the posters are for with less work.

I did not have to worry much about colour as the artist’s work was full of it already and I wouldn’t want to take away from their spotlight.

I used a lot of pathos not only in evoking nostalgic feelings but also with my own wording of things. There are several places where I say I love something or something makes me inspired and in my experience, this excitement can be contagious and engaging with the audience.

It was my hope to make the audience have their own sense of magic with all of these pieces, the music, the posters and the text together.

I needed my text to be multimodal as that is a fundamental concept of this class. I had to combine Visuals, Aural, Linguistics and Spatial arrangements.

My word choice wasn’t full of large words as I really would prefer this to be less distant and more close to my audience, this was another reason that I used the words I love and other emotion evoking words. This makes the audience think about what they love and rhetorical situations that they could apply the same concept for.

I used large sizes in order for my elements to be seen on a large screen as we are to be presentation this to the class.

I did not add any sound effects due to the lack of time that I had however the music would accomplish what I needed. When talking, I feel that we have a natural accent. Your voice will empathies what you feel is the most important in a sentence. I of course used my own voice and not a computer generated one again as I wanted the film to be personal in a way.

The artist’s images I used were unfortunately not under a creative commons license however, I am doing a commentary on these elements for an educational purpose. The song was found under the creative commons license.


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