4. Design Elements

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The last two images that I have used are from


and here for the diver.

In creating these texts, I wanted it to be visually appealing and informative. I wanted to have a constant visual design. In this, I kept the

I wanted to have a constant visual design. In this, I kept the colour pallet the same throughout each document. I also kept the font the same.

I also wanted to keep the spatial mode constant be keeping all but the title document the same size. I also tried to keep the pictures and font sizes a similar size.

I also used the linguistic mode in order to keep the language constant. I wrote at a level that anybody could understand what was going on not just people within my class.

I tried to use every design concept within my work. Elements are abundant in all of my squares, photos and words. To put emphasis on the important topics I used a slightly yellow surrounding shape. I also used contrast in the sizing of the titles, this would also use empathises. I also used organization as each slide has a title, a few images and an explanation. This  allows for an audience to determine that these are educational documents.


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