3. About the Parody.

My audience was that of farmers. I am not sure if all that I think I know about them is true but it may at least be part of a stereotype that I could play too.

  • They have a farm
  • They have farm hands (whose health they care about)
  • They’re out on the field for a good part of the day.
  • They work during the summer months
  • There can be animals on the farm
  • These animals can include horses
  • Might like country music (for real or as a joke)
  • They want to see their farm succeed.

My genre was a song.

  • Needs a tune
  • The syllables need to match up
  • There are many stereotypical country songs
  • Lyrics can be corny
  • Can be found online, on the radio, as an advertisement as well as other places.

To gear my song towards my audience I used the fact that farmers care about the farm and their workers. The song used its chorus, “save a farm, drink some water” in order to say that If there is no water, the farm will fail. I also made the song from a well known

I also made the song from a well-known song in the genre of country. Save a horse, ride a cowboy is a song that many Americans know and I am not sure how farmers are in other countries differ.

The selection process was rather difficult in choosing the song as I kept wanting to make jingles in the tune of children’s songs. But unless my audience had children who would listen to this, there was no guarantee that this song  would be heard. I am still assuming that farmers would have internet connection in order to listen to my song as it is a parody.


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