2. Musings of my Favourite Website: Pandora

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Pandora is one of the leading sites for streaming music other than Spotify and many more. I use pandora (the free edition) just about every day. Music is a constant companion of mine whether I am walking to class, doing homework or even cleaning! The amazing thing about this website/app is that it is easily customizable.

In order to reach out to people, I feel that pandora has reached out to people who mostly live in the United States who demand free streaming. The sight has tried hard over the years to stay free to the public by incorporating adverts. in both radio and banner styles.

Again pandora is all about personalisation which points me to a more specific audience of what some call the millennials. I myself happen to be a millennial. One interesting thing about this generation is that they know when they are being advertised to so you have to make the product liked enough and the adverts. catered enough that people will willingly listen to them. With millennials being the largest generation since the baby boomers, there is high demand for the companies and the companys are willing to deliver.

Millenials are the main target however pandora is also targeting anybody with desire to listen to music and anybody who has a smart device (TV, computer, etc). I have talked with many older people during my retail job and parents like to use this service on road trips and with their family because they could create multipul customizable playlists that could be played depending on who was around them.

Pandora is here to provide portable and affordable music that is customizable to each individual person. Pandora also lets its users explore new music using several algorithms that will tailor each song to the likes of said user. This is seen through the different suggested playlists and the songs that are of different artists on the stations created.

People can be seen using this website everywhere. They can be seen walking with headphones, at a party rocking out or even in their car. This website is fairly universal, you just wouldn’t want to be blasting the music in a public space, not everybody has the same music tastes that you do.

Pandora advertisements use that same calming blue theme of their websites and can be found as banners and billboards. They are also known for radio marketing. This kind of advertising is known for getting to the already tech savvy (all the web banners) and a person on the move (public advertising).

Another advertising method used is using others stories in order to further credibility of their site. If I were to hear someone’s story of how a website that promised individuality and customizability fell short by pushing the top 50 onto their users, I would most likely think that that websight is not worth any of my time. However, with this short video there is so much said without the participants even saying the word. This short advert. shows you why Pandora is a great choice.

Throughout the years, pandora has kept with their colour theme and basic layout letting them keep their creditibility. the only thing that has changed is the sharper lines and the slight adition of graphic design bubbles floating in the background. through advertising and consinstancy of the services provided, there is a sence of customer loyalty and creditibility that only by doing somthing drastic will shake.

Pandora is a websight and an app that streams all sorts of music to the general populace. It is similar to pandora and google play due to its streaming factor which makes many want to look up the pros and cons before dedicating their music lives to one plat form. However it is unique in that it takes music discovery and exploration to a whole new level with out even leaving the relms of your music taste.


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