1. Introduction to Myself and the Blog!

Hello, my name is Kelly-anne Cubley (like a bear cub that is cuddly)! I am a second-year student attending Washington State University which has been amazing so far. The end result that I am hoping to achieve is a double major in DTC (Digital Technology and culture) and STRATCOM (strategic communication or advertising) as well as a minor in music performance. With these, I hope to bring a greater representation of minority groups (sexuality, gender and any other group) through awareness and examples within modern media.

To convey or communicate a message(s) through multiple different means of media to an audience. This is what I take multimedia authoring to mean. I believe that it uses creativity in order to manipulate the flow of communication towards your audience. Even as a small child you become a master of creating multimedia, you would point and make a noise and depending on how you did those actions, there would be different meanings. I like to think myself proficient at these everyday authorings however when you look at the multimedia devices such as the adobe cloud used within the professional world I am lacking quite a bit.

I am taking this course in order to learn how to manipulate my messages and mediums to make a more effective rhetoric. In English 101 there was a lot of talk on how rhetoric would affect how the students learn. This will help in my future goal in life when it comes to communicating with the mass audience.

Hemmingway rewritten is the design I chose for my blog. It uses sharp designs and large images to show off not only your blog posts but also your projects that I believe will be worked on throughout this class time. This theme will make it easy for my professor and classmates to navigate due to its compatibility with all devices. This is important as those are within our class are rather tech savvy. This is a simple blog perfect for not worrying about formatting errors.


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